Early Years Documents

These documents may support you with understanding your Early Years child’s learning and development. “What to Expect and When”, was designed to be a parent-friendly version of “Development Matters”, which was designed for childcare professionals. The “Early Years Outcomes”, are a list of skills and abilities at various ages, which can be used to track children’s developent. 

All three documents will give parents a rough idea of an average expected pace of development, but please understand children are individuals and do develop in different ways and at different rates. If you have a concern about your child, please contact a Health Visitor or GP.

 “What to Expect and When” and “Development Matters”, can give you ideas as to how you as an adult can support your child, as well as how you can utilise the environment to support them, they provide tips and activity ideas suitable for children from Birth - 5years.

What to Expect and When (pdf)


Development Matters in the EYFS (pdf)


Early Years Outcomes (pdf)